Real Estate Photography

It was love at first


Beautifully elevate every

home—and sales price

Our real estate photographers are masters at transforming houses into homes through stunning photography. Discover how you can tell the story of your listing or project—and increase its value—through the power of premium visuals.

Elevate interest and perceived value

Listings we shoot generate more clicks, calls, and offers than listings shot by others.

No limits on photos taken

No hard limits. No extra fees. We capture each home’s unique story in its entirety.

Magic of our photo enhacements

For every hour spent on site, we spend 3-5 hours editing your photos to perfection.

Fast turnaround time by next day

Your photos will be ready by morning. the day after your appointment. Guaranteed.

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Turn heads and drive clicks with the best real estate photos

With over 95% of homebuyers starting their own searches online—and attention spans shorter than ever—quality real estate photography is essential to stand out in a wall of listings competing for buyers’ eyes. Solution Gate Media photography is statistically proven to increase interest, engagement, and offers with the highest quality available in the Toronto and Surrounding


Your creative partner for this listing or project—and the next

Solution Gate Media is much more than just your real estate photography company. Many clients build partnerships with their favorite Visual Artist, collaborating with them across many listings or projects to hone their unique style. Whether you like to be involved or rely on your VA’s vision, we’ll help you grow your business with stunning, personalized photography.


Exceptional artistry in every photo

Flawless composition

Every photo is meticulously cropped to highlight a space’s best features and adjusted so that all vertical lines are parallel.

Everyday blue skies

Clouds, rain, or fog making an appearance at your shoot? Our editors replace dreary weather with blue skies in every image.

Perfect color and detail

We edit every image by hand so that each one is crisp, vivid, true to life, and visually cohesive with the other photos in the set.

Perfect exposures

Virtually capture that first-time “What a view!” moment with layered exposures that match what the eye can see.


up to 1000 SQ.F$199
1001 - 2000 SQ.F$225
2001 - 3000 SQ.F$275
3001 - 4000 SQ.F$325
4001 - 5000 SQ.F$375
5001 - 6000 SQ.F$425
6001 - 7000 SQ.F$475
7001 - 8000 SQ.F$525
8001 - 9000 SQ.F$575
9001 - 10000 SQ.F$625
Commercial & Hourly $300/hr
Twilight Shoot$199
Exterior Pre-Marketing Shoot $149

Prices are subject to change without notice.

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